About Us

Founded in 2007, COIN Education Services Center is proudly based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since our inception, we have developed innovative career training programs that provide students with high demand tech skills.

Our team of educators and professionals engage in regular evaluations to ensure that our training programs remain a step ahead of the curve.

Our vision is to become a leading career training institution dedicated to reducing the global tech skills shortage.

Our purpose is to equip graduates with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Our mission is to educate our students in an environment that advocates teamwork between faculty and students and demonstrates the following motto: Education, Excellence and Integrity. The above mission is implemented through achievement of the following objectives:

* Hands-on sessions designed to evaluate each student’s competency in the core areas of their chosen career path

* Providing quality training from skilled instructors who will use their professional experience to enhance classroom learning

* Encouraging students to pursue advanced certifications in their respective career path

* Providing students with necessary skills for successful job interviews and success in the work environment

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We Invest In YOU

Our deferred tuition program allows you to focus on learning and getting a job.

JumpStart Your Career

Over 95% of our graduates are employed within 3 months of graduation.

Spend Less Time in School

Our programs are designed to get you trained and employed in under a year.

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